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Grants Pass Branch ~ Summer 2019 

Start Smart / Work Smart Salary Negotiation Programs

Women in Oregon earned 82 cents for every one dollar men earned in 2017. That translates to an annual salary of $41,572 for women, compared to $50,965 for men in Oregon. (US Census data analyzed by AAUW).

Teaching women to better negotiate salaries is one way to help close the gender pay gap. Start Smart is a workshop aimed at helping college women build skills and confidence to negotiate salaries. Work Smart is designed to help women at any stage of their careers negotiate better salaries and benefits.

Work Smart is now available in an online version! This makes it more accessible to women everywhere as they can log on and take the course at their convenience. It takes about an hour to complete, it’s available to anyone and it’s FREE! To get started go to:

This online course is a terrific way to accelerate participation and help reach AAUW’s goal to train 100,000 women in salary negotiation by August 2019 and to train ten million women by 2022. For more information about the Mobilize a Million Campaign, go to:


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