American Association of University Women

Grants Pass Branch ~ Summer 2018

Happy Summer to All!

Attend  AAUW of Oregon’s Summer Leadership Weekend: Keep in Shape!

August 11-12
OSU Cascades Campus, Bend, OR

AAUW leaders and members from all parts of Oregon are invited to a weekend that will keep you in shape on skills that continue to empower women and girls by . . .

  •  learning to use the state’s 501(c)3, gaining insights on ways to streamline officer responsibilities,
  • identifying Breaking Barriers Women in your community, increasing smart use of technology, and swapping ideas across the state.

Learn about:

  • How to recognize human trafficking & its risk factors and practical steps to keep Oregon’s women from predators.
  • How our public policy team will lead through this legislative session to improve Title IX and other key issues.
  • 2018 NCCWSL from Oregon’s scholarship winners.

Find more information in the Summer Oregon News>>

EQUAL PAY IS NOW THE LAW IN OREGON!                                  

Now women can truly say that there is only one thing a woman needs to do to get paid as much as a man: her job!


Governor Kate Brown Signs the Equal Pay Bill.

Now that the Pay Equity bill has passed, it is up to all AAUW of OR Branches to figure out ways of letting their communities know about what the bill says (planning events, writing letters to the editor, making flyers or posters, communicating with your community colleges…)                


For more info about Equal Pay check out: