American Association of University Women

Let’s End the Scourge of Domestic Violence” 

Saturday, February 21 – 10:00 AM, Bethany Presbyterian Church

Don’t miss the February Branch meeting! We are excited to host a panel with
representatives from the Women’s Crisis Support Team (WCST), the Illinois Valley
Safe House Alliance (IVSHA), and local Law Enforcement. Each will be sharing his/her
perspective on the scourge of Domestic Violence in our Community – and how we
can help prevent it. This will be a public meeting, which means all members of the
community are welcome to attend. This also means that guests planning to join will be
eligible for the Shape the Future discount of 50% off their National dues!


AAUW Action Network – January 29, 2015:

Take Action on Education!

No one wants to see Congress make the same mistakes it did with No Child Left Behind – that’s why your voice is needed NOW.

As you know, Congress is moving quickly on updating our nation’s main education policy, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA). Until it is updated, the current and flawed No Child Left Behind Act remains the law of the land.

The 2015 House ESEA reauthorization bill is expected to be introduced early next week – once that happens, we’ll have a small window of time to call for updates that will ensure strong academic principles and help close the achievement gap for all children.

Urge your representative to support an education bill that:

  • Spends public funds on public education only — not private school vouchers or “portability” schemes that would pave the way for vouchers in the future;
  • Holds schools accountable for demonstrating that they are meeting educational goals;
  • Requires annual, statewide assessments that measure each student’s progress toward meeting the state’s college and career-ready standards;
  • Requires schools to collect and break-down data on students’ performance by subgroups and cross-tabulated by gender so they can identify and close achievement gaps; and
  • Reauthorizes and fully funds the Women’s Educational Equity Act to provide resources to fully implement Title IX.

The AAUW Action Fund Capitol Hill Lobby Corps delivered this message to House offices today – add your voice to theirs by contacting your representative. Click on the link (Take Action on Education) in the column to the right under “Legislative Alerts”.

We need to make our voices heard!



AAUW National Convention

San Diego – June 18 – 21, 2015

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