American Association of University Women

Grants Pass Branch ~ July 2017

EQUAL PAY IS NOW THE LAW IN OREGON!                                  

Now women can truly say that there is only one thing a woman needs to do to get paid as much as a man: her job!

Governor Kate Brown Signs the Equal Pay Bill. Trish
Garner, AAUW of Oregon Public Policy Chair is at her left.

On May 17, 2017 the Oregon Senate and on May 22, 2017 the Oregon House of Representatives unanimously and on a bipartisan basis passed the Equal Pay bill (HB 2005B). Governor Kate Brown then signed the bill into law on June 1st.

AAUW of OR was there every step of the way, or at every bounce of the seesaw – up and down, down and up…. AAUW and its mission was explicitly and publicly recognized by the legislature.


Now that the Pay Equity bill has passed, it is up to all AAUW of OR Branches to figure out ways of letting their communities know about what the bill says (planning events, writing letters to the editor, making flyers or posters, communicating with your community colleges…)   (Excerpted – AAUW OR News Summer 2017 edition p. 10, Public Policy article by Trish Gardener)

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